Located in the United States

As a leader for Sales Strategy and Operations with 20 years of experience, Chris is the Author and Founder of WeCulture.  His true passion is helping organizations drive results by creating meaningful core values designed to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.  His career is a path of helping struggling businesses get back on track leveraging WeCulture core values to grow revenue and improve bottom line performance.  His guiding principle is simple; a great culture attracts great people……great people bring great results.

After implementing WeCulture successfully for my own teams several colleagues would often say, “Chris this is awesome, you should write a book”, after 18 months of writing in May of 2017 WeCulture was published to share with the world.  Today the WeCulture movement continues thrive with book sales in the US, China, and Southeast Asia helping companies engage and empower teams to drive results.

We are all people first motivated in the workplace by a set of common personal goals and needs.  Regardless of where you are from in the world or what your occupation is, we all want to be successful, part of a winning team, contribute to the success of our organization, and provide and better life for ourselves.  If we focus on what we have in common the cultural difference can be things to learn about each other to build lasting bonds.  No matter where you are from in the world We Includes You!