Located in the United States

As a leader for Sales Strategy and Operations with 20 years of experience, Chris is the Author and Founder of WeCulture.  His true passion is helping organizations drive results by creating meaningful core values designed to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.  His career is a path of helping struggling businesses get back on track leveraging WeCulture core values to grow revenue and improve bottom line performance.  His guiding principle is simple; a great culture attracts great people……great people bring great results.

After implementing WeCulture successfully for my own teams several colleagues would often say, “Chris this is awesome, you should write a book”, after 18 months of writing in May of 2017 WeCulture was published to share with the world.  Today the WeCulture movement continues thrive helping companies engage and empower teams to drive results.

Anna Lichnowski, Coach

Located in the United States

Anna D. Lichnowski (Coach Lich) has been an influential member of the New Jersey business community for several years. Her entrepreneurial experience has spanned across several industries, including the financial, real estate (investment), marketing, technology, retail, and professional development sectors.

Throughout all her ventures, she discovered a common threat to businesses everywhere – something she calls the “value gap.” This is the lack of education present in organizational leaders regarding the importance of human capital (potential) and culture development. In layman’s terms, Coach Lich learned firsthand the direct and powerful correlation between comprehensive employee engagement and profitability.

She asserts that the solution to this problem, culture, remains elusive for far too many. She is confident that her passion in bringing an awareness to its viability and delivering quantifiable results will change that, especially with her recent partnership with Chris Ciulla, founder of #WeCulture.

While Anna predominantly serves small- to medium-sized companies in her practice, her role as a thought leader in #WeCulture has expanded her influence on larger companies across the world.

Sarah Andersen, Coach

Located in Lisbon, Portugal

“I believe that the core of doing business is changing. I see cultures in companies shifting to a more dynamic, personalized and people based mentality to empower employees, retain them and their knowledge, and create an inclusive work place.

I’ve worked with International Organizations the past 11 years and loved it so much from the get-go that I decided to supplement my work experience with a degree in Intercultural & Organizational Communication, which opened my eyes to the true passion I have for Organizational Optimization and improving the inner workings of businesses.

I’m passionate about Intercultural Business Relations and I thrive in the intersection where business meets people. 

Being Danish, I cannot run away from being a very direct and head strong individual who loves challenges and who constantly seeks to optimize processes and procedures. I have always been one of those colleagues who will come to your desk to ask what you’re doing, out of pure curiosity and the wish to understand the full circle of the business I’m engaged in! 

In my professional profile I reflect a typical Dane: Analytical, structured, head strong, and well-functioning in stressful situations. My personal attributes lean more towards my warm-blooded origin: I am positive, dynamic, approachable, open minded, and I love to crack silly jokes to balance out my workaholic tendencies. 

Now, I’ve decided to join forces with the WeCulture team to share the knowledge we’ve obtained through our years of experience, to help companies adapt to the changing working dynamics and become a company which talent would love to work- and stay- in. “