We are here to help you Win

WeCulture is trademarked process designed to help organizations that need real change.  The clients that come to us usually have declining top line revenue, high turnover, or leadership just feels like the team needs a new focus to get to the next level.  Other clients have experienced rapid growth where corporate culture, standard operating procedures, and hiring practices need an overhaul to allow the business to effectively scale.  Whatever challenges your business is facing, a unified culture can be the foundation of change for the better. Check out our core values below.

Pedal the Bike

The best teams have the best players focused on a common goal. While individuals contribute to our success, we achieve long term goals by working as a team. Based on this activity should be measured on how colleagues contribute to the greater good of the organization both long and short term.

Be Positive

People thrive working on teams with a vision. Innovation is the inspiration and fuel to drive results and it all starts with believing “We Can”. Nothing is impossible when we bring the right people together focused solving problems putting our clients first. Be the person at work that is focused on making today better than yesterday and it will be.

Honest and Ethical

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. The best leaders set the example creating a forum where colleagues can share honest feedback internal and external to the business. The reputation and corporate culture of any organization is built on the actions of the individuals that are a part of it and will make or break any brand.

How It Works

Our team partners with yours to make WeCulture a part of the corporate culture while preserving your unique organization identity.  The change is not about new products or services; it is about transforming how colleagues work together each day leveraging common core values customized for your company.  WeCulture begins with the organization’s leader accepting that there is a real problem and the need for outside help.  Our coach will start by sharing our story and set a time line for your senior leadership team to read the book.  After reading your coach will host a debrief session for candid feedback.  If we agree that WeCulture can help your organization step two is to have every colleague read the book as a team and your coach will schedule a review with the author via town hall session.  No PowerPoint deck, just real Q&A to engage colleagues in the process.

Next is a commitment to engage.  Cultural transformation takes a true commitment of time and energy at all levels.  Nothing of lasting value will come easy.  Through onsite visits, cadence calls, and one on one coaching sessions we will help your organization establish meaningful Core Values to drive desired behavior, leverage a proven hiring process focused on desired core qualities, revamp Standard Operating Procedures, drive effective meetings, and create a training program for new hires.  All to help your business build a lasting healthy culture allowing you to motivate the team, attract the best talent, and scale to the next level.

Along the way there will be significant self-discovery, times that test your commitment, and hard choices.  Our clients all experience a similar journey coming away with a stronger business and accelerated financial success.  Many of our clients have their best growth year through the implementation process partnered with their WeCulture coach as a river guide.   There will also be fun and excitement along the way; lots of cool gear, events, team building exercises partnering with us.  The process is driven by positive reinforcement leveraging core values to motivate teamwork.

Want to learn more?  Contact us and we can set a call.